Thursday, September 23, 2010

Training Tip Thursday - Yoga for Runners

Yoga - The 10 Best Poses for Runners

Lately, I've been devoting more time and energy to my yoga practice.  I've found that yoga adds balance to both my running and to my life.  As a runner, I've been particularly impressed with the power of targeted lower-body stretches to facilitate post-run recovery.  These stretches may be found in earlier posts.

I recently came across an article on, "The 10 Best Poses for Runners."  According to Montreal-based personal trainer, yoga and ChiRunning instructor Hyongok Cho Kent, the best poses are:
  1. Wall Dog
  2. Hamstring Stretch
  3. Wide Leg Standing Forward Bend
  4. Wide Leg Standing Forward Bend with Twist
  5. Lunge
  6. Front Thigh Stretch (pictured above)
  7. Bound Angle Pose
  8. Diamond Pose with Toes Tucked Under
  9. Diamond Pose with Cow-Face Pose Arms
  10. Full Body Relaxation with Conscious Breathing
The full article, including a slideshow with photos of each pose, is at:



FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I also love the pigeon pose. It's great for opening up the hips prior to running, and it feels so, so great after a good run!

Vern said...

Grace, I think pigeon is great, too. Pigeon is in a video of hip openers that I often use after a run! I also like the half-frog-- gives a nice release for tight quads!

♥ Callah said...

nothing beats post-run yoga!!