Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Green Running

Earlier this year, I came across an interesting collection of articles on "Green Running" at Runners World.  Here's a link to the articles. I really liked the article titled "How to Be a Greener Runner," "30 things even a busy, sane person (i.e., you) can do."  Here, the environmentally-conscious runner will find "Good," "Better," and "Best" suggestions in a number of categories.  I think that the important thing to recognize is that it may not be possible for every runner to use all of  the suggestions.  However, the power of collective action is for concerned individuals to be aware and to each just do what they can; the cumulative effect makes a big difference.  Here's what I'm doing:
  • I start most of my runs from my home. Of course, this may not work for runners living in busy urban areas.  I'm fortunate to have a park within running distance and fairly quiet neighborhood roads to run.  Of course, we all need a change of scenery occasionally.
  • I haven't run a lot of races, but when I race, I'll target local races as much as possible. Of course, if you don't live near Boston, and your life's ambition is to run the Boston Marathon, why not go for it?  We all have to make choices every day and make trade-offs based on what's important to us. 
  • I buy powdered sports drinks and mix them myself. I use a reuseable bottle for sports drinks or water.
  • I pick up litter along roadways and park trails where I run, and recycle the plastic, aluminum and glass. 
  • For cross-training, I bicycle from my home, use a stationary bike at home in bad weather, and work out with dumbells at home (instead of driving to a gym).
Run Green!


james said...

this is a great list of do's on running! yes, we have almost the same concern its good to have someone who can encourage you to continue running green! thanks for the posts! i hope that more runners will run green.

Vern said...

James, thanks for visiting and for sharing your concern for the environment!

Keep on running green!