Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Green Choices Wednesday

It's time to get my Wednesday "Green Choices" feature going again, after a month of neglecting the blog.

This was just a simple and easy workplace effort, a result of being bothered by seeing recyclables thrown away every day at my workplace.  I set up containers in the luchroom for plastic and aluminum collection, and printed  a simple sign for each with interesting recycling facts.

Unfortunately, my city does not have curbside recycling pickup.  However, I collect my household recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and other metal) and take them to local recyling facilities every couple of weeks or so.  I just add the workplace items to my household recyclables whenever I make a trip to a collection center.

I felt this simple exercise was worthwhile because it kept 252 aluminum cans and 226 plastic bottles out of the landfill in 2010, and reclaimed these resources that would have been wasted.  A greater benefit occurred because it started a dialog, raising employees' awareness of Earth-friendly activities.  Some told me that they never thought a lot about recyling before this, but have since started recyling in their homes.

There are opportunities everywhere to make a little bit of a difference, if we just look for them.  This is just one small example.   And making just a little difference here and there in small ways adds up to a noticeable impact.

Think Green!


Barbie said...

Great idea Vern. I am sure they appreciate it at your workplace. Maybe you can write up some system where everyone takes it to the Recycling place every two weeks.

Vern said...

Thanks, Barb!
I could probably enlist a volunteer or two to help take to the recyling facility. Although for now, it's not any extra effort for me. When I take our household recycling, I usually put it in my vehicle before work, and take it to the facility on the way home. I just grab the workplace buckets as I leave the office in the afternoon, and bring the empties back the next morning! Pretty easy!