Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Training: June 14 - 20

(Graphics are from my page at The mileage in the graphics include both running and cycling miles.)

This week: 38 miles running and 17 miles cycling, 55 miles total, three weights workouts, two core workouts, and two yoga workouts. Sunday's run passed 100 running miles for June.  I'm feeling the benefits of cross training on the bicycle, and trying to put in at least half as many cycling miles as running miles.  This week, I was a couple of miles short.
  • Monday: Rest-- no running.
  • Tuesday: 5 miles running, 2 miles cycling.
  • Wednesday: 6 miles running, 3 miles cycling.
  • Thursday: 4 miles running, 2 miles cycling.
  • Friday: Rest-- no running.
  • Saturday: 8 miles running, 4 miles cycling.
  • Sunday: 15 miles running, 6 miles cycling.

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