Sunday, October 4, 2009


On weekends, I run the trails through our local parks. As I run, I pick up litter along the way, bring the recyclables home and put them in a recycling bin to put out at the weekly curbside pickup, and drop the non-recyclables in the trash barrels in the park. Why?
1. Because I hate litter.
2. Because I hate the idea of recyclable items not being recycled.  Such a waste of resources!

Here's the return from my Sunday run in the park. 
I carry a reuseable bag in my pocket, but I'll fill a discarded plastic shopping bag instead, if I see one on the ground.

These were all laying along the trails in the park.  Disgusting!

Here's where this stuff belongs:  in recycling buckets!

I've been doing this for several years, and I knew that there had to be other people out there doing the same thing.  Earlier this year, I came across the Eco-Runner blog, which has since evolved into the Eco-Runner website, founded by Sam Huber in Milwaukee.  Sam has combined a passion for running with a passion for a cleaner world, and called it Eco-Running.  I'm pleased to see the spirit of volunteer environmental cleanup growing from an individual activity into a movement.  Check out these links, and...

Run Green!


Allen said...

I also pick litter when I run. I'd rather run in a beautiful parkway than in a litter-dump.

Vern said...


Thanks for visiting Running Green, and thanks for helping to keep our world cleaner!

I enjoy reading your blog, and have picked up some good tips on your Running Injury Free site.