Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recovery Run/Eco-Run and Cool New Gadget

I ran my recovery run in the park this morning, 3.2 miles, even slower and easier than usual.  I started out a bit sore from Saturday's long run, and running hurt a bit until I warmed up completely.  I experienced a somewhat unusual sensation after yesterday's 18 miler; immediately after I finished the run, when I first stood still, I had such a burning feeling in my calves like I've never felt before.  It was like they were on fire for a minute or two, and then the sensation subsided.  It was just a little different from a normal workout burn; it's hard to describe...

A recovery run is a perfect pace to combine with an Eco-Run.  The slower pace allows a better view into the underbrush and a little more time to look.  I took advantage of the easy run to look farther beyond the edge of the trail for litter, and bagged a lot of plastic and aluminum for recyling as I passed by.  One last Eco-Run in this park before I move.

Don't you hate litter?

I also found an interesting new gadget for the blog, a moon phase indicator (see sidebar).  I sometimes look up moon phase information to get an idea of how much natural light to expect on pre-dawn runs.  This gadget will put it at my fingertips on the blog...


-Keep Breathing said...

Thanks for the comment and the add...and more importantly - for picking up other people's litter while you run.

I just noticed the stat tracker on the side bar...that's a lot of diverted waste. Kudos to you - awesome idea!


Vern said...

Kathryn, I'm always glad to meet people who share passion for running and concern for the environment!

You may also be interested in checking out the Eco-Runner blog and website (see Follow list and Environmental Links). Sam does an amazing job because he not only picks up on his runs, but also organizes group clean-ups, encourages the kids, etc.

Thanks for visiting Running Green!