Monday, October 19, 2009

Recovery Run and an Unexpected Reward

My normal routine is to take a slow Recovery Run on the morning following my weekly Long Run.  At 5 AM this morning, I had to force myself out of bed to run.  Normally, I can't wait to get up and run, but I ached more than normal, from the cumulative effect of Sunday's Long Run, followed by working in the yard all afternoon, followed by cycling in the evening.  I finally convinced myself that even a short run would help the soreness subside more quickly, and to at least run 1 ½ or 2 miles.  I didn't get on the road until 5:40, 10+ minutes later than normal.  Running was uncomfortable at first, but got easier as I warmed up, and I decided to go 2 miles.  At about ¾ mile, I got an unexpected reward:  I saw a meteor streak overhead, making a long, bright trail of light through the dark sky as it passed.  I felt pretty good by the end of the run, and my soreness was gone by the afternoon; this was the reward I expected from today's run.  The next time I'm tempted to stay in bed, I hope to remember that a day missed may also result in the loss of an unexpected reward.  (Run stats: 2.0 miles, 24:12, 12.10 pace.)

I've always been interested in astronomy; with a little research online I found that every October, the Earth passes through an area of space containing rock fragments and dust left by Halley's comet.  This results in an annual Orionid Meteor shower. The peak dates for this year were predicted to be October 16-27.  The debris is actually very close to Earth, but the meteors are called "Orionid" because from Earth, they appear to originate from the direction of the constellation Orion.  On the morning of this sighting, I had noticed that the constellation Orion was very prominent in the night sky, and the meteor did indeed seem to come from the general direction of Orion.


Just_because_today said...

Hi Vern:
Iam also interested in astronomy (one of the most difficult classes I ever took in college!) but I missed the meteor shower. I read it was most visible yesterday.
It is so true that a recover run after a long run is reward.
I'd love for you to link my blog. I dont run a lot about running although running is my passion. Here is another one

Jenny said...

Hi Vern,

Your blog is really interesting. I like your environmentalist views. These issues are far too important to ignore.

Thanks for visiting my spot.


Vern said...

Hi Myriam,

Thanks for your comments! I also took astronomy in college, just because of interest, not because it fit my degree plan! And it was not easy! I added your blog to my "Blogs I Follow" list. I invite you to add Running Green to your list!

Vern said...

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for visiting Running Green. I am always pleased to find how many people I meet share a concern for our Earth.

Again, I enjoy your poetry and I look forward to reading more!


Just today said...

I meant I dont write a lot about running even though running is my passion. Sorry, I'm not that careful with my comments.

Vern said...

Myriam, That's OK; I knew what you meant... and I well understand your passion for running. Running becomes part of one's core being. When I started running seriously, I did so for health and fitness; little did I know that several years later, I'd be anticipating my weekend long run all week; that this long run would be the high point of my week. The long run seems to clear the mind of its uncertainties and distractions, and reduces life to its primal essence: the mind, the body, and the challenge; the runner and the road; nothing else exists. My greatest fear is of injury, so I appreciate your frustration and impatience with your ailing leg. I've struggled with heel pain (plantar fasciitis) that once made me stop running for several weeks, and several times made me ease up for a few days. I've learned to manage it, and done a few things to help it improve, and it has made me more cautious. I hope your therapy and treatments help you. If you're running with the injury, try to take it easy.

So... what started as a brief reply has almost become a new blog! Time to go for now.


Mark said...

Way to get out and get it you were blessed to see the meteor!