Monday, October 5, 2009

Need To Get In The Water...

I haven't gotten the kayak wet since June.  That's too long; I need to get the boat in the water again soon...  Why do I like to kayak?     (Click Pictures to enlarge.)

1. To Get Close To Nature

You get a "water-level" view.  It's a perspective you don't get in any other boat.
(Armand Bayou - Harris County, TX)

You can take a kayak into areas that most people can never see.
(Armand Bayou - Harris County, TX)

You can go anywhere; you're not limited by shallow water or narrow passages.
You'll never get a motor boat in here!
(Cypress backwater - Lake Charlotte - Chambers County, TX)

Kayaking is so quiet; no noisy motor to scare off the wildlife. 
I coasted up within 10 feet of this heron.
(Armand Bayou - Harris County, TX)

2. Kayaking is Earth-Friendly

Human-powered boating, no motor, no exhaust fumes, no waste of precious fossil-fuel, no pollution.
You can use your paddle to scoop litter out of the water.  Eco-Kayaking!

Some protected nature preserves don't allow motors.  Yay!
(Armand Bayou - Harris County, TX)

3. Kayaking is Relaxing 

Getting close to nature is a perfect way to relax and get rid of stress.
(Cedar Bayou - Harris/Chambers County, TX)

4. Kayaking is Great Exercise

Paddling on the waterways is good aerobic excercise; good for upper-body conditioning. 
Good for the body as well as the soul!
(Armand Bayou - Harris County, TX)

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