Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting Back on Track

I have seriously neglected this blog in recent weeks.  When I initially created the blog, it was intended to be mostly a personal journal, or chronicle of my path toward a dream of running a marathon race.  As the journal evolved, I started adding content relevant to some of my other passions, such as environmental activism and health/fitness/nutrition.  As I found that real people were actually reading the posts, I was motivated to try to make the content a little more interesting, and less of a list of miles run and boring running stats.

Since I completed my first marathon May 1, 2010, the original driving force behind this chronicle ended, and I've lost a little focus.  Now it's time to get back on track.  Most of the past content contained here is still relevant.  I simply need to slightly redefine the focus.  Running is a great passion, and will still be a prominent feature.  It will just be a little less goal-oriented.  Environmental concerns will still be a prominent feature, as will health, fitness and nutrition.

Thanks to my readers for great comments and interesting discussions that have evolved from some of these posts.  I continue to welcome visitors, and I enjoy your comments!  Sometimes it may take me a day or two, but I will make every effort to personally respond to all comments.


FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Look forward to reading more from you. I love your environmental highlights!

Vern said...

Thanks, Grace! I'm glad you enjoyed them! That's one of the areas I regret that I've neglected in recent weeks. For a while, I had a pretty consistent string of Wednesday environmnetal features! Stay tuned!