Saturday, September 19, 2009

September 19, 2009 - New Distance Milestone!

Today’s goal-- stretch the long run a little farther, to 14.2 miles: 1 mile between the house and the trail in the park, out-and-back, plus 6 laps in the park, 2.2 miles each.
Laps 1 and 2: Nice, comfortable running, in the groove, feeling good, endorphins flowing like water. The sun is just now rising, and it’s a beautiful morning in the park. It’s 72 degrees, and feels soooo much better than the 78 to 82 degree morning lows that we’ve had since June.
Lap 3: Concentrating on mechanics. Smooth stride, staying relaxed. Feeling like I can go like this all day. I’m a running machine. I own the trail. The trail is mine.
Lap 4: A little fatigue was setting in around the end of mile 7; a little second wind building in mile 8.
Lap 5: Struggling a little more going into mile 10; my HRM is reading 160 bpm. I don’t need to push too long beyond 95% of max HR. I had thoughts about cutting this one off after 5 laps, and slowed down to a walk. After about 2 minutes, HR was down to 128, and I continued the run at a little slower pace.
Lap 6: The slower pace feels OK, 145 - 150 bpm, and what's one more lap at this point? Just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other, and this approach gets me home, 14.2 miles, 2:39:05, 11.2 min/mi. Another new distance PR. My feet were a little sore, and I soaked them in a bucket of ice water...OH YEAH. Afterwards, after soaking, stretching and showering, I felt pretty good.

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