Sunday, September 6, 2009

Weekly Training, September 1-5: Half-Way There!

Saturday - 13.7 miles, 2:32:16, 11.11 pace. Another new distance record! I had to push a little on the last lap, but not as difficult as I expected. A little sore in the legs afterward, but only a little heel pain. I bought some cushioned arch/heel support inserts for my shoes last week, and they helped a lot. I also iced my feet after the run, and that helped too. Last week's formula worked well, so I'll take my recovery day Sunday. My intermediate goal on the way to the marathon was to run a half-marathon race. Now that I've run the half-marathon distance fairly comfortably on a training run, I may not set a race as a priority, and just train for the marathon. The Houston Marathon has been filled up for months, but I recently learned that Beaumont, Texas will have its first ever marathon race May 1, 2010. I'm sure I can be ready by then.

Tuesday through Friday - Easy 3.1-mile daily runs. Better pace than last week; times in the 27s and 28s. Threw in one 8 x 400 meter wind sprint interval routine on Wednesday.

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