Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Quote of the Week

"Yoga is not the search for something, as though something is missing. Yoga is the celebration of life as it is freely given."

~Mark Whitwell


FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Celebration of free life...very nicely put. I love inspirational quotes like these. Thanks for sharing!

Vern said...

Yes! Yoga should be practiced joyfully! It really is a celebration of life!

I found the first half of this quote equally profound. Many feel like they're searching for something, leading them into yoga. What yoga teaches us is that there's nothing missing to search for. It's already there!

I'm glad you enjoyed the quote as much as I did, Grace!

Jimmy Spinelli said...

Hey Vern, this is Jimmy from Inperspire. We have been doing a good job exercising, but now I am ready to start yoga, I feel that it is good to mix things up, and I could use some help with stress and flexibility.

Thanks for the quote.

Vern said...

Jimmy, that's great. I think you'll be glad you did.

I love to run. I started out by just running, because that's what I liked best. I gradually evolved into having a holistic view of fitness. By taking a total-body approach to fitness, my running is stronger, and I'm less susceptible to injury. Adding some weight and core training were valuable. Yoga was the final key, making a complete program, and putting it all into balance.

And I'm just talking about the physical benefit so far. The mental and spiritual aspects of yoga can be even more profound!

Thanks for visiting!