Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Training: September 20 - September 26

Graphic from my page at Graphic includes running and cycling miles.

I eased up slightly this week, running 40 miles, down from 50 the week before.  In preparation for next Saturday's 25K trail run, I want to continue to taper the distance and intensity slighty and get extra recovery time.

Runs were 8, 10, and 4 miles Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; 8 and 10 miles Saturday and Sunday. My cycling miles are still way down, with only 4 miles Saturday. 

Additionally, after resting a sore shoulder for a month, I finally got back on track with my weights program, cautiously working Chest/Biceps Monday, Shoulders/Legs Wednesday, and Back/Triceps Friday.  I'm a total believer in a holistic approach to fitness.  To that end, I try to challenge the entire body by adding weights routines to target different muscle groups, core strengthening exercises, and by cross training on the bicycle.  Yoga is the final piece in the puzzle, pulliing everything else together and providing physical and mental balance.  

Following my personal daily yoga challenge, I continued my practice with at least a short session each day, and my daily yoga streak is still going-- 30 days!

A friend on dailymile left a nice comment following my description of yesterday's 10-miler, that I am "a very spiritual runner."  Thanks, Stephanie!  I've long felt a somewhat zen-like quality to running.  There's something about the rhythm of breathing and footsteps, coupled with the mental focus, that seems to enhance mind-body connection, sort of a "moving meditation."  I feel that increased recent yoga practice has enhanced that connection.

YTD: 1,361.5 miles running, 440.3 miles cycling, 1,801.8 miles total.


♥ Callah said...

great work! I just re-introduced weights into my routine as well, after a loooong time off. I'm looking to vary things up from just yoga and running - and taking advantage of the gym membership i NEVER use!

Michael said...

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Vern said...

Good job, putting more balance and variety in your routine! At one time, all I wanted to do was run, and had to just force myself to work weights and core. When I saw how it helped my running, it made a believer out of me! Yoga, on the other hand, was a joy almost from first trying it! I wish I'd started years earlier!

Thanks for the kind words!

I'll check out your new site. Thanks!