Thursday, September 16, 2010

Training Tip & Personal Yoga Challenge Update

Training Tip of the Week:
Two weeks ago, I posted an 18-minute yoga video with some great hip-opening lunges that I found enhance post-run recovery, greatly reducing tightness in the legs and hips.  My morning schedule is pretty busy, especially if I try to squeeze in a couple extra miles.  The routine in today's video is also very effective, and it only takes 11 minutes!

Personal Yoga Challenge - Mid-September Update:
I challenged myself to develop yoga into a daily habit with at least a short yoga practice each day during the month of September (National Yoga Month).  I posted this on September 8, to help hold myself accountable, and briefly updated in my September 12 weekly training summary.  As of today, the month is still intact and the streak is alive at 20 days, going back to August 28. Looking good!


♥ Callah said...

good work! I just finished my 30-day. It feels so great when you're done!

Vern said...

I had a close call today-- skipped my normal post-run practice, then kind of busy all day, but finally got only 12 minutes done between 11:30 PM and midnight! But it still counts, and the streak is still alive at 22 days!