Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weeky Training: August 16 - 22

Graphic from my page at The mileage in the graphic includes both running and cycling miles.)

I'm a little tired after a fairly strong week, during which the weather has been really hot.  42 miles running, 15 miles cycling, 57 miles total.  Ran 7/8/5 miles Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 10 miles Saturday, and 12 miles Sunday.  Cycled 1 mile Wednesday, 2 miles Thursday, 10 miles Saturday, and 2 miles Sunday. 

To continue a balanced program, I had 3 weights workouts, and found time for 3 good yoga sessions. I believe a total-body approach is best.  My weights workouts target chest & biceps Mondays, shoulders & legs Wednesdays, and back & triceps Fridays.  Yoga adds the final element, easing overall tightness from the other activities.
I really want to continue increasing the quality and duration of my yoga practice.  Not only does it provide perfect overall balance to my total fitness, it is great for ennhancing mind/body connectiion.

YTD: 1,161.5 miles running, 401.2 miles cycling, 1,562.8 miles total.


Just_because_today said...

hard week, long mileage. that's where i am. Good job`

Vern said...

Thanks, Myriam! Most of the runs were really enjoyable, but I was tired going into yesterday's 12 miler. Turned into a grind-it-out kind of run.