Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Green Choices Wednesday - Homemade Stuff!

Homemade Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter-- delicious, great nutrition,  and a great source of protein!

Since going vegetarian last year, peanut butter, one of my old favorites, has become one of my nutritional staples.  Wife and I have also been eliminating as many processed foods from our diet as possible.  Initially, we started buying all-natural peanut butter.  No chemicals or preservatives, no trans-fats or added sugars, typically just peanuts and salt.  Additionaly, we have been eliminating most disposable products and identifying/eliminating many sources of unnecessary containers.

So, this was a natural evolution.  We are now making our own peanut butter.  All we need are peanuts and a food processor.  A small amount of salt and/or added oil are optional.  We're using a little bit of peanut oil.  It helps make the peanuts process a little easier, and makes the peanut butter a little smoother.  For crunchy peanut butter, my favorite, just grind a few nuts separately, and stir them in at the end.  Add a little honey for a sweeter variation.

It's just as tasty as the commercial product, is cheaper, and we have total control of the ingredients!  Like commercial all-natural peanut butter, the oil separates a little in storage, so we stir it before use.

And we can store it in our own reuseable containers instead of adding more plastic jars to our recyling.  Recyling plastic is great, and we will continue to recycle everything we can.  But a practice even better than recyling is to avoid generation of recylables where possible.  This avoids the consumption of resources that the container is made from, and saves the resources consumed in the container production process.

Green choices-- they are everywhere, if we just look for them!  Many of them are so simple!

Think Green and Live Green!


Imola said...

I should try that! Lovely!

Barbie said...

I am going to try making this Vern. Beats buying the store bought stuff. Thanks

Vern said...

Pure, fresh, and healthy! What's not to like? And green, too!


Don said...

What kind of peanuts are you using, and how are you buying them?

Vern said...

Don, for our first trial, Wife just bought a 3-pound can of Planter's Virginia peanuts.

Probably don't want to use dry-roasted, or added oil would be required for sure. I read somewhere that Spanish peanuts are a good choice because they contain more oil.

We'll probably look at bulk peanut options in the future, which would cut cost further and reduce packaging. Bulk raw peanuts in the shell are probably least expensive, would need to shell and roast in the oven first.