Friday, August 6, 2010

Food Rules Friday

This week's feature is Rule 11 from Michael Pollan's newest book, "Food Rules - An Eater's Manual ."

Michael Pollan is an acclaimed author and whole food/heathy eating advocate. He is the author of the best selling "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dillemma."

Rule #11: "Avoid foods you see advertised on television."

Highly advertised foods tend to be highly processed foods.  The large food processors are the companies that can afford large advertising budgets.  Often included are dubious claims of healthiness.  Don't buy into advertising.  Buy whole, fresh foods.


Jennifer said...

That is so smart, I had never really thought of it that way. Great tip, thanks!

Vern said...

When Pollan wrote about the processed foods companies spending millions on advertising, it really made me think. Hmmm... I never see TV ads for things like brown rice, fresh spinach, whole oats, etc. The healthiest foods are rarely advertised!