Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Training: August 2 - 8

Graphic from my page at The mileage in the graphic includes both running and cycling miles.)

A light week, only 21 miles running and only 4 miles cycling.  Adding 9 miles of kayaking gave a 34 mile weekly total.  Easy weekday run schedule of 5/4/5 on Tu/Wed/Thu.  Light weekend, also.  I only ran a quick two miler Saturday,  because I planned a kayaking excursion for the day.  I kayaked 9 miles in about 6 hours in difficult conditions and finished up exhausted and dehydrated. Still tired Sunday morning, I only ran 5 miles, so I didn't get a long run in at all this week. 
YTD: 1,079.4 miles running, 368.5 miles cycling, 1,447.9 miles total.

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