Thursday, August 5, 2010

Training Tip Thursday

"Rest days are for rest - Actual improvement in fitness occurs during recovery, not during the exercise itself. But this is not the only reason to take days off during the week. Most running injuries are caused by repetitive stress syndrome. Hence, days off are not only because you may feel tired, but to prevent structural breakdown from unrelenting pounding. Beginning runners should take two or more non-consecutive days off a week. Experienced distance runners, no matter how macho (or "macha") should take at least one day off a week. If your goal is to establish a non-stop training streak, by all means, avoid days off. However, if your goal is to stay injury-free and perform at the top of your potential, year after year, and mile after mile, rest and recovery are essential. A rest day is not an easy day. It is a day when you do no lower-body training at all. Finally, please remember that training is not a contest. The contest is the contest."


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