Thursday, July 22, 2010

Training Tip Thusday

"Run or rest? - Rest is one of the most important, yet one of the least considered aspects of training. Ultras, which often require drastic amounts of mileage - especially for the weekly long run, also require an extended taper of at least three weeks, ending with three or four days of zero mileage just prior to the race. While many "driven" runners train up until the last moment, this is futile and at the best results in exhaustion, and at the worst, injury. It takes the body about two weeks to register the positive effect of training, so any running at the end does nothing to increase ones level of fitness. It is best just to rest, eat well and prepare mentally (dreaming of the successes to come)."



Anne said...

As I get older, I realize the wisdom of this tip. We really do undervalue rest, don't we?

Vern said...

Yes, we do tend to undervalue rest, Anne! In my earlier running days, all I wanted to do was run, run, run! I've learned to give myself enough rest and recovery, and it has really helped my running.