Thursday, July 1, 2010

Training Tip Thursday

"Eating on the run -
The fuel stored in greatest abundance, for the endurance athlete, is intermuscular fat, not carbs (glycogen) as is commonly believed. While this energy rich fuel is there ready for the taking, the body must be trained over time to open the petcock and allow it to "flow". To train the body to make use of intermuscular fat, it is necessary to run on empty. That is, if you run in the morning, it is okay to drink coffee (if you drink coffee), but you should eat nothing before your run, and take only water during your run. If you run mid-day, or in the evening, you should do so at least several hours after you take on food of any sort. While this may prove difficult the first few times, you will eventually find you have much more energy, and that energy will last longer... this is true during the marathon as well."



FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I often have trouble planning well enough to make sure I haven't eaten a few hour before running, but yes, it definitely makes a big difference in how I feel while running.

Vern said...

I always run first thing in the morning, right out of bed, so it doesn't take any planning for me! For runners that run a little later, it would definitely take some planning!

Jennifer said...

I also run first thing in the morning- I have my cup of tea with a spot of milk and a handful of Cheerios to keep the tummy settled. It works well for me and I continue to see progress in my weight loss goals and also find that my body does well in tough extremes because it really does know how to find the rich fuel when needed.

Vern said...

Very similar to my experience, Jennifer! For short runs, up to about 8 miles, I usually go totally empty. When I go 10 or more, I may take a little sports drink first to get a jump on hydration and electrolytes. Sometimes a banana before a long run, like mid-teens and up.

It really is quite amazing how the body trains itself to utilize fuel!