Thursday, February 11, 2010

Training Tip Thursday

"Marathoners need to learn the value of strength. If you plan to win the marathon, running is not enough. Most top runners head to the gym two or three times a week to pump iron. That's good advice for anybody. Machines and barbells work for the elite, but you can stay in shape with push-ups and sit-ups in your own front room. Then you can flex your muscles while crossing the finish line on marathon day."

From Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Guide, Intermediate 2 Program, Week 7.


elodie said...

Sure, why not heap on the guilt? ;) Though I'm not nearly as grateful as I should be, your example makes a difference. Thanks, Vern.

Vern said...


LOL - It's ironic that this tip fell on a week when the cumulative effect of your dailymile friends' workout postings guilted you to into strength training!

I didn't plan it that way! I'm in training Week 7, and this just happened to be Hal's Week 7 tip!

It is interesting timing though, isn't it?

Glad I could make a difference! Thanks!

Anne said...

Such good advice, especially the part about doing calisthetics at home if time is an issue. (And it's "greener" that way too - right?)

Vern said...

Anne, absolutely! A gym is not required to get a good workout! I do just fine at home with pushups, situps/crunches, squats, lunges, light weights, stretches, etc.

Saves time, saves fuel, saves money, saves the environment!