Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marathon Training Program: Week 8

After a significant increase in intensity in Week 7, Week 8 represented very little change.  The midweek 4-8-4 and Saturday 8 were identical to Week 7, except that the Saturday 8-miler was at a pace of runner's choosing, instead of at marathon pace.  The only mileage difference was the Sunday long run  increasing from 16 to 17 miles. 

This week's 17-miler was not nearly as difficult as last week's 16-miler.  While miles in the mid- to upper-teens are never easy, I felt pretty strong up to 17.  Last week's run felt like a struggle for survival from 13 to 16 miles.

Week 8 total: 41.1 miles, a tie with the week of 22 November, 2009 for my highest mileage week ever.

Next week will be the third step-back/recovery week, after which mileage increases again.

8 weeks down, 10 to go!

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