Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Green Choices Wednesday - A Pledge To Reduce Botted Water Waste!

Reduce bottled water waste! 
Do a world of good!

Together, filtered water and a reuseable bottle are an ideal solution for going green at home and on the go.

I know I've ranted about bottled water in earlier blogs (see The Bottled Water Scam, September 27, 2009).  However, I recently came across this pledge campaign, so I'm on the soapbox again!  Follow this link to if you'd like to consider taking the pledge, and to find interesting information about bottled water waste .  Or just consider privately take a pledge on your own to stop supporting bottled water waste.

This campaign is sponsored by the producers of  Brita filters and Nalgene bottles, so a case may be made that the campaign may not be totally altruistic.  Obviously, these companies will make more profit if home-filtering replaces purchased bottled water.  However, these are good products, compared to the alternative, which is buying bottled water that is filtered in a filtering plant and shipped hundreds or thousands of miles, wasting fuel and resources, adding greenhouse gases, and filling up landfills.  I'd much rather support a sustainable industry with my spending than a non-sustainable one!

I'm not here to make a product endorsement.  I've used the Brita filter pitchers for years; I've also used the Pur filter that attaches to a kitchen faucet.  There are many other good filtering systems.  I use refillable stainless steel and aluminum bottles instead of Nalgene.  I don't care what you use; just please consider using SOMETHING reuseable instead of the disposable bottles!

Think Green and live Green!


Travis and Teniah said...

Just a warning on Nalgene...There was a notice recently that the plastic used for these bottles is potentially unsafe.

We tossed all of our half-dozen or so and switched to Klean Kanteen which is stainless steel....check out their website (we love ours!)

I am a HUGE water drinker - I drink a very min of 40oz a day (not including tea) so I am a big supporter of carrying canteens with you to work/school!

Great post, Vern! Thanks for the thoughts on this...

Vern said...

I'm not a fan of plastic. I think Nalgene is #7, which is difficult to recycle in many areas (including mine). #1 and #2 seem to be recyclable anywhere. Plus the concern surrounding BPA.

I use stainless steel and aluminum refillable bottles. They last forever, and are easily recycled.

Thanks for the input on the Nalgene, Teniah!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

We use a Brita over in my apartment. The problem is that we fail to change the filter often enough!

Vern said...

It's nice that there is an indicator on the filter, but it's easy to forget to check it!

Thanks for visiting, Grace!