Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Green Choices Wednesday

        This..............or This?

Paper towels are technically a "renewable resource," but the production and distribution chains expend irreplaceable fossil fuel, create greenhouse gases and other pollutants, and the paper ends up in a landfill after a single use.

Production of cotton towels also consume resources and create pollutants, just as does the production of almost any item.  However, a cotton towel is used over and over again, and may be recyled into a rag when worn.

I've been looking for ways to greatly reduce or eliminate "disposable" items from my life.  I've recently started keeping a washcloth or small hand towel in my workplace office.  I'll either carry it to the washroom with me, or return to my office with damp hands and dry them there.

Consider ways to eliminate "disposable" products from your life!

Think Green and live Green!


Just_because_today said...

so basically the past was better when our mothers used cloth diapers and there were no paper towels in my house! they were too expensive (if even available). I like your thinking. I use way too many paper towels at work. I think I'll follow your suggestion. Thank you!

Vern said...

Exactly! At one time, products were designed to be reused. Now, they are designed to be thrown away. Resources and disposal space are both finite, so the disposable lifestyle is not sustainable forever!

Myriam, thanks for reading, and for considering greener alternatives!