Sunday, February 7, 2010

Marathon Training Program: Week 6

Week six was a week of comparitive rest, the second step-back week in the training schedule.  Every third week provides a little recovery to prepare for two more weeks of increasing mileage.  I continued to use a hybrid of Higdon's Intermediate 1 and Intermediate 2 programs, running #1 on weekdays, and #2 on the weekend.  This week reduced the long run distance from 13 miles to 10 miles, and dropped the weekly total by a little more than 3 miles.  This week's total: 29.2 miles.

Next week will be quite a bit tougher.  The mid-week medium run increases from 6 to 7 miles.  If I continue with the hybrid program, Sunday's long run goes to 16 miles.  The total for the week should be around 39 miles.

Six weeks down, twelve to go! 


Keith Peters said...

Woohoo! Half way there. This is your first marathon, right? You must be starting to feel the anticipation. Can't wait to cheer you on, virtually.

Travis and Teniah said...

Sounds great, keep it up!!

Vern said...

Keith and Teniah-- Thanks for the encouragement!

Yes, this will be my first. In last couple of weeks, I really am beginning to feel the anticipation. Before that, it seemed like such a long way off. I'm also starting to feel a little less nervous, because the knee injury is 99% gone, and still improving. Going into the 7th week, I'm so impressed with Hal's training program. Very well designed; pushes you to the max, backs off a little just when you need it, and then pushes you some more! I can feel myself getting stronger by the week and my nerves are starting to turn into tentative confidence!