Thursday, December 9, 2010

Training Tips Thursday - Marathon Success

From a Hal Higdon "Tip of the day:

"Building mileage is essential for success as a runner regardless of racing distance. Gradually increasing mileage loads over three or four months seems to work best. But how many miles a week? A high of about 35 seems adequate to finish a marathon, 55 miles to finish well."

This kind of defines the difference in how I look at my upcoming second marathon, compared to my first.  On my first, my focus was on finishing.  I finished, and finished respectably, for a first effort.  I took quite a few short walk breaks between 20 and 26.  For my second, I want to finish well.  I'd like to complete the whole distance on the run.  I want to finish feeling strong instead of struggling to survive.


Anne said...

This is excellent advice and one reason I love Hal Higdon. That kind of weekly mileage at the height of training keeps you strong instead of breaking you down.

Muriel said...

I am sure you will do very well Vern. You've put in the miles and certainly will be ready. Enjoy!

Vern said...


Anne, yes-- Hal Higdon ie a great running resource. I used his Intermediate 2 marathon plan for my May marathon, and it did a good job of preparing me to finish. The plan peaked at a weekly 50 miles and had me running 20 mile long runs three times.

I'm going to follow his pattern again this time, but add a few miles to get into the mid 50's on the peak weeks, plus run an extra one or two 20 milers.

If you do Facebook, you can friend Hal-- he posts a training tip every day, plus other interesting goodies! That's how I found this tip.

Patrick said...

This is good advice Vern. I ran two marathons this year and part of my approach to the second one was to add mileage (ended up with 2weeks of 70 miles at the peak of my training and 5 runs longer than 18 miles). The approach definitely paid off as I was able to shave 10 minutes off my time from the spring.