Friday, December 31, 2010

Food Rules Friday

Michael Pollan is an acclaimed author and whole food/heathy eating advocate. He is the author of the best selling "In Defense of Food" and "The Omnivore's Dillemma."

Rule #26: "Drink the Spinach Water."

"Another bit of traditional wisdom with good science behind it.  The water in which vegetables are cooked is rich in vitamins and other plant chemicals. Save it for the soup or add it to the sauces."

Of course, in other methods of cooking vegetables, such as roasting or sauteeing, the vitamins are not leached into water.


Just_because_today said...

you always have good tips here. I like that.

Don said...

Spinach is much better eaten raw in salads. If you cook it in boiling water, I don't want to eat at your house. LOL

With all the news about broccoli losing most of its nutrients when cooked in boiling water, I was surprised to see Rachael Ray cooking it that way recently. She always claims her recipes are healthy, but I doubt she knows much about nutrition. Otherwise, she wouldn't be adding bacon to half of her dishes.

Vern said...

I also like spinach raw in salads. I prefer cooked spinach as part of a cooked dish more than cooked plain. I enjoy spinach in dishes like florentine-style lasagna, or in something like spanikopita.

Don said...

Ah yes, spanikopita! I couldn't remember the name for that. I always just call it spinach pie. We used to go to Olga's restaurants just for that.

Spinach is fine baked in casseroles and other dishes. It just doesn't appeal to me boiled, canned, or frozen and served as a side dish. It's like a mouth full of slime.

Vern said...

Yes, spanikopita is a Greek dish, and I think the word is just Greek for "spinach pie!" Good stuff!