Thursday, December 30, 2010

Training Tip Thursday

"Hill training is a form of speedwork, a way to build strength and speed. You can do hill training in two ways: 1) Run some runs on hilly courses, essential if your goal race will be hilly, also valuable for quad strength and speed, or 2) Run repeats over a single hill. It matters little how long the hill... or how steep the hill or what you do between. Make up your own workout."

Hal Higdon's Tip of the Day, December 27, 2010,!/halhigdon


Just_because_today said...

but they are good for you

Vern said...

I find that few runners actually enjoy either hill training or interval training! I have a love/hate relationship with both-- I love the positive training effects, but hate actually running them! Usually hate wins out, and I don't do them, but I'm trying to do better on my current marathon training cycle.