Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekly Training: September 27 - October 3

Graphic from my page at Graphic includes running and cycling miles.

Much less mileage this week, running 32 miles, down from 40 the previous week, a "mini-taper" for Saturday's 25K trail run.  The season's first cool front was energizing, after slogging through a long, hot summer.  I had an incredible run Tuesday morning.  The temperature was 57 °F, my first run below 60°F since May 5.  I felt liberated by this fantastic morning and just let it all loose, for six miles at 12 seconds/mile quicker than my 5K PR pace: 8:57, 8:15, 8:08, 7:50, 7:51, 7:10. Sucking wind at the end of this one? Yes! Loving it? Totally!!! I probably ran way too hard for a race week, but made up for it by taking a short easy 4 miler Wednesday and resting my legs Thursday and Friday.  Saturday's 25K trail race was very enjoyable.  Details and pics are in a separate post.  I followed with a nice 6 mile recovery run Sunday with a 3 mile cooldown on the bike.

Still going strong on my personal daily yoga challenge; my yoga streak is currently at 37 consecutive days!

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