Thursday, October 21, 2010

Training Tip of the Week - A Must-See Video for Runners!

I try to watch for good information on running mechanics and form.  Like most runners, I just started out running, any way I could.  Over a period of time, watching really good runners, I've seen a lot of things that I try to emulate.  I certainly don't have anything close to great form or perfect mechanics, but I try to be conscious of it and to gradually improve.  A 26.2 mile marathon race is a real test of endurance.  It's difficult just to finish such an extreme distance.  After finishing a first marathon, a runner's goals usually focus on running the next one a little quicker.  Answers to both enduring the distance and improving speed may be found in running mechanics.  Running more efficiently uses less energy, leaving more energy for those last gruelling miles between 20 and 26.  Running more efficiently will also result in improved running pace.  Dave B., one of my friends on posted this video on his page, and it's worth sharing with my running friends on the blogosphere.  It contains a whole lot of good information on mechanics, more than I can absorb at once, so I'm saving it to refer to.  Enjoy!

What do you think?  Do you see some ideas that you can use?


♥ Callah said...

wow, you're right about a lot of info! It makes me think I have a short stride angle which is why I'm so slow, lol. I'm going to buy a pair of Newtons when my local running store has their December sale- they are designed to have you land on your midfoot, which I think would keep the overstride angle in check. (

Vern said...

I've rewatched this about 10 times and think I have a lot better idea what I need to work on most.

I have no idea how much I bounce vertically-- never really thought about it!

I know my stride angle is fairly low, and is probably the biggest thing I could work on. Interesting that they say potential stride angle is a function of flexibiltyof legs and hips. Makes a good case for yoga for runners! Hip opening poses are a runner's best friend!

I think I'm not TOO bad on overstride angle and toe lift angle because I've been conscious through trying to work toward the "Chi running" style with midfoot foot strike. Chi running also stresses feet as wide as hips, so my crossover angle is probably OK too. And I know I don't twist much.

It kind of blows my mind that they're talking about using this to break 2-hour marathon, when I'm pushing to run a 2-hour half!

One piece of advice-- don't play with mechanics much this close to your half. Run pretty much how you trained. Experiment with form during your next training cycle.

Happy running, Callah!

♥ Callah said...

yes, I did my last pre-race run last night and my last yoga class tonight (excluding the one I'm teaching this Saturday, I've been practicing verbal instruction vs. visual!) so no plans on changing my stride or any more physical activity until i recover from this race!
I also think the 2 hour marathon is ridiculous- I can't even imagine! The slow-mo images of the impact when the foot hits the ground really does show how stressful running is on your body.
All I was thinking about when they were talking about open hips was yoga :-)

Vern said...

Good luck Sunday! I'll check in at your blog to see your race review!

Suzanad said...

That's such a great video - I learnt so much! Thanks for posting :)

Anonymous said...

This is just the best video! Finally a lot of mysteries got explained to me. Wow. Now I understand why being flexible is so important. Thanks for sharing this Vern.

Vern said...

Suzanad-- Glad you found the video helpful! Thanks for visiting and for becoming the 40th Runnning Green follower!

Stephanie-- This was an eye-opener for me! I was aware of maybe half of these elements of mechanics. Seeing the whole picture will sure be helpful as I continue to try to improve my form. Don't think I'll ever run a 2-hr marathon, though! :)