Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tea Party Musings

I don't usually get into political subjects here, but I just keep wondering what the deal is with this Tea Party movement.  It grew out of opposition to federal spending, specifically the spending on economic stabilization, and the spending on healthcare reform. 

Just wondering, where were all of these people while over $700 billion was squandered on the insane war in Iraq?   So it was OK to spend hundreds of billions of dollars killing people.  But, spending to help avoid an economic collapse, or spending to actually help people is a cause for revolt! 

I don't get it.


Just_because_today said...

simply because the ones who spent the money on the war are the ones who are in the Tea Party.
I just dont understand that we vote for stupidity. Voting for Sarah Palin is an embarrassment

Don said...

I'm not a political person and never paid any attention to what the tea party people were saying, but I can't see where all this government spending is benefiting ordinary people. All I see around here are plant closings, layoffs, and people being forced into early retirement.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I like your blog.. I've just started mine. Hopefully you'll check it out!

Vern said...

I don't automatically support any political party; I consider myself a progressive independent. Outside of human rights issues and environmental issues, I'm not terribly political. And I'd have trouble supporting ANY war, especially if we were not directly attacked. No one with any credibility still thinks that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11, yet we squandered vast amounts of treasure and thousands precious lives in a war of total folly.

I do have concerns that money is spent unwisely. However, if "high government spending" is truly the issue, I find it amazing that all the loud voices protesting dollars spent on healthcare were totally silent about $700B spent on a foolish war.

Karma Girl said...

Vern, I could not say it better than you have here. Thank you for saying what needed to be said.