Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekly Training: October 4 - 10

Graphic from my page at Graphic includes running and cycling miles.

A fairly average week, 40 miles running, 10.75 miles cycling, 50.75 miles total.  I ran an easier pace all week to lighten the load on a sore left heel.  An unusual pain is typically a result of an unusual stress.  I know I eperienced additional stresses both on a fast run on the previous Tuesday, and on a long trail run on the previous Saturday.  I'll just continue to keep the intensity a little lighter for a while.  The shoulder soreness I had experienced several weeks ago did not return, so I was able to continued my normal weights routines Monday, Wednesday and Friday, increasing weight 2.5 pounds on schedule.  Cycling activity was fairly low, only 5 miles Wednesday and 5.75 miles Saturday.

I continued to practice my yoga, at least a few minutes each day.  My daily personal yoga streak now stands at 44 days. 

YTD: 1,433.1 miles running, 454.0 miles cycling, 1,887.1 miles total.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a successful training's week. Man, can't wait to hit those 40's again:-)

Vern said...

You'll get there, Stephanie! You're doing great, and have come a long way in the time since you have gotten back into running!