Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly Training: October 18 - 24 & 1,500 Running Miles!

Graphic from my page at, running miles only-- I didn't do any cycling this week.

On December 20, 2009, I published 1,500 miles as my 2010 running mileage goal.  I reached the 1,500 mile point on Saturday's run!  Looks now like that goal was a little conservative; I had revised it downward a little after a minor knee injury, but that's OK.  I'll probably finish 2010 somewhere over 1,800.  What should my 2011 running goal be?  Maybe 2,011 in 2011!  I'll decide and publish by end of year.

  • Monday: Morning yoga, 24 minutes.  Weights (chest and biceps), 40 minutes.
  • Tuesday: Morning yoga, 24 minutes.  Running (speed training, mile repeats - 6 miles @8:10).
  • Wednesday: Morning yoga, 9 minutes.  Running (easy pace, 6 miles @9:34). Weights (Shoulders and legs), 40 minutes.  Evening yoga, 51 minutes.
  • Thursday: Morning yoga, 15 minutes.  Running (half marathon pace, 8 miles @9:00).
  • Friday: Morning yoga, 30 minutes. Weights (back and triceps), 35 minutes.
  • Saturday: Morning yoga, 27 minutes. Running (half marathon pace, 10 miles @8:56).
  • Sunday: Morning yoga, 51 minutes. Running (easy pace, 12 miles @9:48).
Daily personal yoga streak: 58 days.
YTD: 1,515.2 miles running, 458.3 miles cycling, 1,973.4 miles total.


Suzanad said...

2011 miles for next year would be an awesome goal! :)

foodFitnessFreshair said...

Congrats! Glad you're still fitting in your yoga as well.

♥ Callah said...

what an amazing accomplishment! you inspire me with your running dedication- next half marathon training, I am going to stick to the program better!