Monday, October 18, 2010

Simulated Half Marathon Race

Last week, I added two races to my schedule:
11/25/10 - Turkey Trot 10K, Beaumont TX - Goal: New PR, <54:28 (8:47 pace)

12/11/10 - Swamp Stomp Half Marathon, Lake Charles LA - Goal: <2hrs (9:09 pace).

Although I've run the marathon race, I've never raced the half-marathon.  I'd trained all around the distance many times, but didn't have a good feel for race potential.  Since I've added a December 11 half marathon to my schedule, with a goal of sub-2 hrs, I wanted to get a good assessment of how I can currently do a "near best-effort" run at this distance. Sunday morning, I went through a trial run, trying to run it fairly hard, just like I'd run a race.

I know that 9:09 is the "magic number" for two-hour half-marathon pace. I started out way slower than 9:09 on the first mile and knew I had to make it up, but my first mile is always slower. I just found a good rhythm in the upper eights and cruised. Hitting 6.5 miles in just over 58 minutes, I knew I could back off into the low nines and be OK, but I thought I'd see if I could finish out in the upper eights. Running stayed pretty comfortable through ten.  The last 3+ were a strain, but by then, I knew I had enough in the tank to make it. Mile splits were:  9:46, 8:57, 8:56, 8:46, 8:53, 8:44, 8:59, 8:46, 8:53, 8:47, 8:59, 8:42, 8:28, 1:01 (0.1). Result: 13.1 miles, 1:56:43, 8:54 pace.  An unofficial PR for me at this distance. Perfect cool clear morning for running, 53 degrees at 6 AM. This run felt great!


chris mcpeake said...

Well done.
got to love it when a run feels great

Vern said...

I don't usually post individual training runs, but a few just feel so great that I want to add a little more detail.

Thanks for visiting, Chris! Happy running!

♥ Callah said...

that's great work! i'm getting kind of scared for my run this weekend, lol!

Vern said...

Thanks, Callah! Love these runs where everything seems to come together and just feels right!