Sunday, April 4, 2010

Marathon Training Program: Week 14

(Graphic from my page at The mileage in the graphic is a little higher than below, because it includes 16.6 crosstraining miles on bicycle on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.)

This was my last "step-back" week, a week of reduced mileage to recover from the previous high-mileage week, and to prepare for the next high-mileage week.  This was a relatively easy week, 34 miles total:
  •  Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 5 miles
  • Wednesday: 6 miles
  • Thursday: 5 miles
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 6 miles
  • Sunday: 12 miles
This was a fairly uneventful week, although I had more weekend fatigue than normal for reduced mileage, as a result of working on home improvement projects most of the weekend after running.  I also developed a little sensitive twinge in my left foot and ankle.  A little tendonitis?  We'll see how it feels after a day's rest.

The coming week brings the last of three 50-mile weeks with 10 and 20 milers back-to-back on Saturday and Sunday.  If I survive this last big week, I've got it made!  The following three weeks are for tapering mileage to recover for the marathon race!

14 weeks down, 4 to go!

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