Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Choices Wednesday

Idling Vehicles

According to the U.S. Department of Energy:
"Idling vehicles use up to several billion gallons of fuel and emit large quantities of air pollution and greenhouse gases each year."

Yes, that's BILLIONS, with a B!  Most of it is wasted unnecessarily.  Think about the effect that needless demand for a billion extra gallons of fuel has on the cost of fuel for everyone!  Also consider that a burning a gallon of gasoline produces 19 pounds of greenhouse gases!

Idling Facts:
  • A vehicle does not need to warm up for minutes before driving.  30 seconds is adequate to establish good circulation of oil and coolant.  Many parts do not begin to warm up until the vehicle is driven.
  • More frequent restarting has little effect on battery and starter life, but idling decreases the life of major engine components.
  • More fuel is used in 10 seconds of idling than in restarting a vehicle.
  • An idling vehicle is getting 0 miles per gallon.  Pure waste!
  • Breathing vehicle exhaust is hazardous to health.
 Idling Suggestions:
  • Limit warm-up idling to 30 seconds.
  • Go inside instead of waiting in drive-through pick-up lanes. 
  • Except in traffic, turn the vehicle off if you have to wait.
  • In cold weather, wear a coat and gloves.  A vehicle doesn't have to be warm inside before driving!
These guidelines will save you money, fuel, needless wear on your vehicle, and reduce air pollution!

Think Green and Live Green!

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