Thursday, November 12, 2009

Training Update - November 7-12

I'm finally back into a regular routine after missing a few days of running while completing my move from Baytown to Beaumont.  The best part is being so close to work.  I can get up a half-hour later, and still run an extra mile in the morning.  In addition to my weekend long-distance run, I'd like be able to do a medium-distance, maybe 6 to 10 miler once a week in the middle of my weekday morning routine.  Before moving, I just didn't have time, so I settled for a quick 5K on weekdays.  Now, I can occasionally get up as early as I did in Baytown, and do the medium-distance run.  That would let me vary my routine more, which is good, and also pad my base mileage.  To be completely ready for the marathon, I feel like I need to get my weekly total up into at least the mid 40's, in addition to building the long run into the 20's.

So, I've had a pretty good running week.  The weather has continued to be great, with morning run temps mostly in the 50 to 60 degree range.  I missed two weekend long-distance runs in a row, and tried to compensate by getting a little more mileage during the week.  I also compensated by running 9 days in a row, although I know my body really needs to rest one day per week.  And I got greedy and tried to push Tempo pace 4 days in a row instead of alternating with easier pace.  On the 4th day, Tuesday, I finished by running full sprint for the final 3/4 mile of a 4-mile run.  The result was development of a little knee pain.  So, since the advice I always give other runners is: "Listen to your body," what did I do?  Take the next day off?  WRONG.  I followed with a 5.5 mile run on Wednesday and another 4-miler this morning.  Am I just too stubborn for my own good?  Maybe.  At least, I had enough sense to run the last two nice and easy, and the knee feels a lot better now.  The pain must be more from pushing pace than from the miles.

Anyway, I'm determined to take Friday OFF, and run long on Saturday with fresh legs.  My last long run, 3 weeks ago, was 18.2 miles, but after the layoff, I'm thinking maybe 13-15 range for Saturday, slow and easy.

The boring stats:
Thursday, November 12 - 4.0 miles, 40:29, 10.12 pace.  49° this morning (sweet!)
Wednesday, November 11 - 5.5 miles, slow and easy, 59:44, 10.86 pace. 61°
Tuesday, November 10 - 4.0 miles, 38:36, 9.65 pace. 61°
Monday, November 9 - 4.0 miles, 38:26, 9.61 pace. 65°
Sunday, November 8 - 4.0 miles, 38:58, 9.74 pace. 63°
Saturday, November 7 - 3.5 miles, 31:43, 9.06 pace. 54°

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