Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Sidebar Feature - Green Living

I added a new sidebar feature, "I Live Green By:" to kind of keep track of the things I'm doing to try to achieve an Earth-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.  I'm inspired by things like Colin Beavan's No Impact Project, where he experimented with "zero-waste" living.  I'm not sure I could ever reach the same level, but I want to do what I can.

So, I started a list.  I'm not sure I listed everything that I currently do, but if I think of some I forgot, I'll add them.  If I begin additional activities, I'll add them also.  A few of the listed items are linked to blogs I've already posted about the listed activity.  Maybe I'll use the rest of the list to post about one item per week until the list is completely populated with links.  Or, I could link them to good external references. 

This is a new experiment; we'll see where it goes.


Brian said...

Hi Vern - that's a great list! I do many of those same things and you've given me some new ideas. And don't forget about a nice old-fashioned solar clothes dryer. Regarding your previous post - tell your legs to enjoy their day off tomorrow!

kara said...

Great idea. You should move that list up the sidebar : )
I always pick up something during my run. This week I found a discarded camera...

Vern said...

Brian, I'm glad you like the list! And if the dialog spurs additional idea sharing, it was definitely worth the effort. I forgot about the solar clothes dryer, although I'll confess we don't have a clothesline. We do have a hanging rack on wheels that we use outside sometimes, and my wife lets some things dry on hangers inside. The laundry discussion also reminds me of one thing I forgot to put on the list: we wash almost everything in cold water. I knew I wouldn't remember everything on the first-pass list!

My legs and feet ALWAYS enjoy the day off. Any day I don't run, I miss it. By afternoon the "restless feet syndrome" will set in, and Saturday morning won't comd quick enough! However, one day I don't mind missing is the day before a long-distance run. I just get a better quality long run if I go out with fresh legs, and the long run is the one I most look forward to each week!

Kara, I took your advice and moved the list up five spots on the sidebar! Based on the response so far, it really shouldn't be buried too low. Maybe I'll end up taking it up farther. It's certainly generated more interest than my run stats!

I've never come across a camera...picked up a beer can and a plastic water bottle this morning... The pickings on 29 miles of local roads and sidewalks this week has been meager. I usually see more in a park on the weekend. I have the Gulf Terrace Hike and Bike Trail targeted for a long run Saturday. We'll see what it yields.

Hmmm... might be an interesting web survey: "What is the most interesting piece of litter you've found?"

Vern said...

P.S. The "How-To Manual" for the No Impact Experiment is really good-- 17 pages of ideas, some of which I'd never thought about.


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