Friday, November 13, 2009

No Impact Week - Beginning November 15

Today, I signed up for the No Impact Week program, beginning November 15.

Last month, I posted information on the organized No Impact Week that ran from October 18 through October 25.  Looking at the No Impact website after yesterday's eco-post, I found that a November No Impact Week event has been organized, and will begin November 15, 2009.  Interested participants may register for the program through the website, or just choose some favorite Earth-friendly activites on their own to privately observe the week. 

The No Impact How-To-Manual is a very good collection of ideas, to use either for the week, or from which to adopt appropriate activities permanently.  Here are the daily areas of focus in the program:    
  •      Sunday:  Consumption
  •      Monday:  Trash
  •      Tuesday:  Transportation
  •      Wednesday:  Food
  •      Thursday:  Energy
  •      Friday:  Water
  •      Saturday:  Giving Back
  •      Sunday:  Eco-Sabbath
In October, I looked through the program for additional ideas, and tried to go a little beyond my typical eco-activities.  This week, I plan to follow the daily program as closely as I can.

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