Thursday, November 5, 2009

Move to Beaumont and Training Update

I've completed the 60-mile move from Baytown to Beaumont; I'm back online after almost a week out of touch, and am recovering from the ordeal of loading, transporting and unloading a household of belongings.  It's great to trade my 1-hour commute twice per day for <10 minutes.  I'm also excited about looking for new routes, parks and trails for running.  Life is beginning to assume a slight semblance of normality again; I even found time to run again the last two mornings:

Thursday, November 5 - 3.5 miles @ Tempo pace, 32:28, 9.27 pace.
Wednesday, November 4 - 3.5 miles @ Tempo pace, 32:36, 9.31 pace.

The weather was extremely pleasant for morning runs, with low temperatures around 50°, and highs in the mid-70s.  50° is my PERFECT temperature for running, cool enough to run hard without too much perspiration, and warm enough to still wear shorts and not feel cold. 

I didn't run at all Saturday through Tuesday, four full days of moving.  Rationally, I know that the exertions of those days were harder workouts than running, but I still really missed my runs.  Running so gets in your blood; the concept of excercise comes from one's rational side, but the desire to run comes from the heart. I especially missed my weekly long-distance run.  However, I added a few extra miles to some of my preceding runs as I could:

Friday, October 30 - Tempo run, 3.1 miles, 27:17, 8.80 pace, 55°. First sub-9 minute pace in a while!
Thursday, October 29 - Easy run, 4.0  miles, 39:52, 9.96 pace, 78° and extremely muggy. Ugh!
Wednesday, October 28 - Tempo run, 7.4 miles, 1:08:48, 9.30 pace, 51° and extremely pleasant!
Tuesday, October 27 - Tempo run, 5.4 miles, 49:28, 9.16 pace, 55°.
Monday, October 26 - Tempo run, 3.1 miles, 29:13, 9.42 pace, 72°.

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