Monday, November 30, 2009

Training Update - November 23-29

It was a good week of running, a good race and a second consectutive 40+ mile week.  It was a bit of a push to get the total above 40, after taking two days off to rest for Thursday's race.  I didn't get a really long-distance run in; the longest was 12 miles.  I picked up the mileage a little differently; instead of alternating shorter and longer distances, I increased by two miles each day.  The last four were 6.2 (at race pace), 8.0, 10.0, and 12.0 on consecutive days.  The result was a little more "burn" each day than I'm used to, from adding miles each day while still a little fatigued from the day before.  

The week's stats:
Sunday, November 29 - 12.0 miles, 2:15:57, 11.33 pace, 60°, increasing humidity.
Saturday, November 28 - 10.0 miles, 1:47:59, 10.80 pace, 49°.
Friday, November 27 - 8.0 miles, 1:27:33, 10.94 pace, 38°.
Thursday, November 26 - Turkey Trot 10K Race - 6.2 miles, 54:29, 8.79 pace, 40°.
Tuesday and Wednesday - Rest for Thursday's race.
Monday, November 23 - 4.0 miles, 46:30, 11.63 pace, 51°.


Brian said...

That's a busy week, especially considering your two rest days. 35 - 40 miles per week is about the threshold of what I can sustain while still being a healthy and productive member of my household. While I haven't ran forty miles in a week since last spring, I plan to slowly increase the mileage over the next couple of months. Have another good week. Happy running!

Vern said...

The 4-day holiday weekend let me salvage the weekly total! The two extra days off work gave me time to substitute medium-distance runs for what would have been shorter workday runs.

I'm trying to get into the 40's when I can to build my base for a marathon.