Sunday, November 22, 2009

Training Update - November 16-22

I tried a new venue for Sunday's run, Lefler Park, another of the Beaumont city parks.  (click to expand photos)

It looked like the perfect setup for a great run, a perfect, chilly morning, a beautiful wooded park with nice scenery, the rising sun just visible through the trees, but the trails were a big disappoinment.  The trails were asphalt surface, which would have been OK, except that they were badly in need of maintenance.  The asphalt layer had cracked and crumbled to the point that there were chunks laying all over, creating poor footing. 

I would have much rather found trails of dirt or crushed stone.  After running 3 or 4 minutes, the trail condition was getting worse instead of better.  Visualizing a sprained ankle from stepping on one of the chunks, I gave up and turned back.  I returned to the track I ran last week, the Gulf Terrace Hike and Bike Trail, and completed my run.

Other than the disappointment with the Lefler Park trail, it was another good training week, with a good Sunday 13.1-miler following Saturday's 6-miler.  I have not yet repeated my longest single run of 18.2 miles from a month ago; however 41.1 total miles for the week is a second consecutive milestone for  total weekly miles, following last week's 36 miles.  I've been looking at one of the Hal Higdon marathon training schedules, which puts a  medium-long run and long-distance run on consecutive days.  This is a tougher approach than I'm used to.  I tried consecutive longer runs several months ago, and really struggled.  Lately, I've been taking a day off before the weekly long run, resulting in a lot stronger long runs.  However, the well-rested longer runs aren't preparing me as well for the difficult marathon miles between 20 and 26.  The back-to-backs culminate in a 10 miler followed by a 20 miler, and should better help build the necessary endurance.  Sunday, I definitely felt the rigor of this approach, struggling a little to finish 13. 

The week's stats:
Sunday, November 22 - 13.1 miles, 2:25:15, 11.09 pace, 48° and very pleasant.
Saturday, November 21 - 6.0 miles, 58:59, 9.83 (3 miles easy pace, 2 miles tempo, and the last mile at race finish pace). 50°, drizzling rain.  You know you're hopelessly hooked on running when a 6-miler in cold drizzling rain is the highlight of your Saturday!
Friday, November 20 - 4.0 miles, 40:15, 10.06 (3 miles @easy pace; 1 mile @tempo pace). 59°, with light sprinkling rain from the approach of the next cool front.
Thursday, November 19 - 6.0 miles, 1:04:33, easy pace @10.76. 42°!
Wednesday, November 18 - 4.0 miles, 39:59, 10.00 pace. 43°!
Tuesday, November 17 - 4.0 miles, 38:31, tempo pace @9.63. Cool front! 40°!
Monday, November 16 - 4.0 miles, 44:26, easy pace @11.11.  63°.

For the coming week, I plan to run Monday, and rest Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for Thursday's Turkey Trot 10K race.  My 10K goals are to try for <56 minutes, or 9 minute pace, to enjoy the race, and have a great time.

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