Thursday, January 28, 2010

Training Tip Thursday

"Tip of the Week: Runners sometimes find it difficult doing the long runs, particularly on hot days. One secret is to stop frequently to walk, even if not forced to do so. Walk, grab something to drink, then resume running again. It will make the miles seem much easier plus you'll train yourself to go from running to walking to running during the race. Drinking is important too."

From Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Guide, Intermediate 1 Program, Week 5.


elodie said...

I do this sometimes on not-so-hot days too! If I'm increasing my long run and haven't done that distance in a while, I take walk breaks every mile or 2 miles for the first half. If I feel good, I run the 2nd half through, if not, then not. :) Usually, the next time I run that distance, I can run the whole way.

Vern said...

Elodie, I've done the same thing, and it works! Going a new distance (or one not run in a while) running with short walk breaks got me through the distance the first time. The next time, I could run the entire distance, but quite at a normal pace. By the third time, I could handle the distance at normal pace.

Good point also, on using it in the first half! Reading Jeff Galloway, one of the biggest run/walk proponents, he stresses that the walk break is the MOST beneficial in the early miles.

Thanks for the comments!

Travis and Teniah said...

Fantastic advice...this is definitely my preferred method for adding more distance!

Vern said...

Teniah, I used it last year to stretch my longest distance from 14 to 16 to 18 miles. It really does work well!

A lot of marathon coaches suggest walk breaks during the race. I'm following one of Hal Higdon's marathon training plans, and he suggests briefly walking when getting a drink at at the aid stations. It gives a little break and makes it easier to drink than on the run!

This is one of the weekly tips from his program. I will continue posting them as I progress through the training.

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