Monday, January 18, 2010

Quote of the Week

More than enough is too much.

(from Tai Chi Heartwork,


Shawna Lee Coronado said...


Was thinking of you, but didn't see an "email" button, so am just living a comment here.

I just finished a story on this man - - who ran a triathlon. Thought you might be interested!


Travis and Teniah said...

Love this!!! Just a great reminder that giving things your best effort is enough....Find contentment in that with no expectation - This was great to hear the day of a race, thanks, Vern!

Vern said...

That is a great success story! A commitment to health and fitness is a life-transforming change! Thanks for sharing this!

@ Teniah:
I loved this one, because it is so simple, yet so profound on several levels. It speaks to both of the major themes of this blog, running and sustainable living: In running, how much effort is enough? In living, how much of the Earth's resources should we use? The answer to both lies in this sooo simple statement. How about applying it to nutrition? Fits there too. Amazing...
Thanks for helping me chase this concept a little farther!