Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Green Choices Wednesday


or This?

It's nice to add a fresh, pleasant aroma to any room in the house, and there are several options to do this.  The plug-in uses electricity, the generation of which adds greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.  The plug-in unit is based on a disposable scent bottle that must be replaced regularly. 

The reed diffuser works very well, the scent lasts a long time, and the components are used over and over.  After a quick web search, I found that there are scented oil recipes available online that help the DIY'er to make diffuser refill scent at home!  Most home-made substitutes for common commercial products can be made more economically, and ingredients may be purchased in bulk, which reduces product packaging. 

I cringe at the thought of the word "disposable!" So many products are disposable, or dependent on a disposable component. Advertising makes it sound so easy. Just use it and throw it away! Well, there is no such place as "away." Everything has to go somewhere. That "somewhere" is usually a landfill that is filling up with wasted resources!

Consider ways to eliminate items that use unnecessary electricity!  Consider ways to eliminate as many "disposable" products from your life as possible!

Think Green and live Green!


Barbie said...

I absolutely love the diffuser reads. I have them everywhere.
But I also have lavender plants and I allow the flowers and leaves to soak in a bowl of water and use the water as a room deodoriser to which i add a couple of drops of pure essential oils. Works beautifully.

Vern said...

Barb, that's great! The leaves provide the most natural source of pleasant scent! And simply growing the plants helps reduced CO2!


Travis and Teniah said...

Very well put - disposable sounds great until you stop and think about where it's going = not so great!!! Definitely go for the diffuser or even incense is nice as well! =)Another easy room spray is water with lavender oil. (you can spray it from a small squirt bottle and it's works great!!)

Vern said...

The lavender oil spray is a good idea, Teniah! And the squirt bottle is refillable, rather than disposable!