Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where Does the Time Go!?

Ironic coincidence-- this afternoon, I popped this old classic into my CD player on the way home from work.  I hadn't listened to it for a while...

When I got home, I saw this posted on the Grateful Dead Facebook page:

"‎41 years ago today, Grateful Dead released Workingman's Dead! Where does the time go!?"

Grateful Dead - Uncle John's Band by gratefuldead


BLD in MT said...

What a neat coincidence indeed! I find those sorts of synchronicity quite cosmic and wonderful. It makes me feel that I am at my exact right place and time in this universe.

That IS a great album. I was fortunate enough to hear Furthur perform the whole album at the Furthur Festival in CA last May. I probably don't have to say that it was even more incredible live.

I can't recall if Furthur has played much in Texas, but if you get the chance to hear them I couldn't recommend it strongly enough. They are keeping the spirit and essence of the sound and experience alive in a way I never thought I'd get to personally experience.

Did you ever see The Dead live in any of its incarnations?

Vern said...

It's telling my age, but seeing that posting instantly took me back 41 years to the time I bought that newly released vinyl LP. I was 19, and since wore out that LP and several replacement vinyl copies before the CD finally came out. A real milestone in their evolution; quite a departure from 1969's Aoxomoxoa.

Furthur must be a great live listen. Bob and Phil and company are indeed faithful to the spirit of the GD. Love how the band name pays homage to the Merry Pranksters' legendary bus!

I did see the original Dead live, August 1969 at Woodstock. That summer, I'd just graduated from HS, hadn't started college yet. A buddy and I hitched from Ohio, where I lived at the time, to NY. What a memory...

Just_because_today said...

I had no idea that group was that old. I dont listen to them, but often hear their name