Monday, March 15, 2010

Quote of the Week

"You will be able to run tirelessly
if you follow this simple rule:
run within your breath ,
do not run ahead of your breath."
Fred Rohe, The Zen of Running


Jennifer said...

Love the quote!

Vern said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I came across "The Zen of Running" through one of the running forums on a couple of months ago. It is short, and a quick read, and the e-book may be downloaded free at . I reommend it to all runners!

I re-read it periodically, because it reminds me that what I really want to get out of running is just the sheer joy of running! Right now, I'm on a fairly regimented running schedule, for marathon training. But after my race is complete, I want to run more spontaneously, by the feel of the moment!

Vern said...

The URL was truncated in the previous comment. It is: