Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marathon Training Program: Week 11

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Week 11 was the most challenging week so far, 50 miles total. Each day's run increased by 1 mile, and the week was capped by a 10-miler Saturday followed by a 20-miler Sunday.  Sunday's run was a new PR distance; passing the 19-miler from the previous week.  This week also saw a weekly distance PR, again passing the mileage from the previous week.

Sunday's 20-miler was a tough run, unexpectedly so, since last week's 19 didn't seem that difficult. However, last week was the first increasing week after a recovery week, so I guess I was a little fresher. Today, my legs started screaming at about mile 15. At mile 15, it was as if my legs knew they had run as far as they had last week, and tried to tell me that they weren't going any farther. So the last 5 miles were all about the mental battle. That is actually a good thing. It should be good preparation for the similar battle in the last miles of the marathon.

Next week is a very welcome recovery week.  The 10-milers drop to 6, and the 20-miler drops to 12.  Total miles: 34.  After that, the following week goes back to 50 miles total with 10 and 20 mile runs again.

11 Weeks down, 7 to go!   


David Tiefenthaler said...

Good work. The mid to 3/4 section of marathon training is where you do the bulk of the work. You're getting there.

Vern said...

It's definitely the tough part of the schedule now! Two 20-mile runs in the next three weeks, and then taper!

Thanks for visiting, David!