Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marathon Training Program: Week 13

(Graphic from my page at  Mileage in the graphic is a little higher than below, because it includes bicycling miles.)

Week 13 was essentially a repeat of Week 11 mileage, the peak mileage of the schedule, following a reduced mileage recovery week.  Midweek: 5 miles Tuesday, 10 miles Wednesday, and 5 miles Thursday.  After a rest day Friday, weekend mileage: 10 mile pace run Saturday, and a 20 mile long run Sunday.  Total miles: 50.

The distances of the midweek runs have become routine, but the peak weekend miles continue to be extremely challenging. The Sunday 20 miler was gruelling, run while still fatigued from Saturday's 10.

I thought the second 20 miler was supposed to be easier than the first, but it wasn't. Unlike my first 20 miler, I ran today with no walk breaks, and finished 5 1/2 minutes quicker than the 20 two weeks ago. My legs really started screaming after about 16, and the last two miles were absolutely painful. However, I felt great afterward; the pains from the stress abated as soon as I stopped running, leaving a pleasant deep burn.   I saw a lot of runners out this morning, some alone, and a lot in groups of 3 or 4. I crossed paths with a group of 3 for a couple of minutes before they turned off, and found they are also running The Gusher May 1. One of them told me she was the race director, and was helping the other two ladies train for the 5K. They asked which distance I was doing, I told them the "full." We exchanged encouragements and continued in different directions.

Next week is another welcome recovery week, total miles: 34.

13 weeks down, 5 to go!


Jennifer said...

Vern, You are doing amazing in your training! Getting several 20 milers, with still 5 weeks to go is well done. Of course pay attention to rest days! I know you will of course... Keep up the great work, I know you are going to do super for the race. Cheers!

Vern said...

Thanks, Jennifer! You are spot on about the rest; it's just as important as the workout! Higdon's training program is so tough on mileage that it has really taught me the value of rest! Per the schedule, I rest two days/week. I've also learned to cherish the lighter weeks that Hal alternates with the heavier weeks!

asheley said...

Great job!! I can't yet imagine doing 20 miles. keep up the good work!!

Vern said...

Thanks, Asheley! About a year ago, March 28, 2009, I ran my first 5K race, and my longest run ever was 8 miles! Since you have a marathon goal, use that as an example of what can be done in a year! You can do it too!

Brian said...

You are definitely prepared, mentally & physically, for your May 1st date. I look forward to reading your recap of the event.

Vern said...

Thanks,Brian! I've been using Hal Higdon's Intermediate II program, and I'm very impressed with how well designed it is, alternating short and long and rest within the week, and alternating heavy and lighter weeks. It pushes me to the limit, and then seems to give me the rest and recovery I need just when I need it! My running has never felt stronger!

BTW, I just read your report on the HAT 50K on your blog. Great race!

asheley said...

That's very inspiring! I can't wait to see where I will be in a year